A Better Business Begins with a Peer Advisory Council (PAC)

At Blue Ridge Legacy Partners, we believe that Peer Advisory Councils (PACs) are one of the most effective ways for business owners to not only run their business better now, but also better prepare to exit/transition their business later.

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What is a PAC?

PACs are invitation-only groups of no more than 12 business owners of similar degrees of experience and sophistication. We are Licensed Partners with LX Council and moderate and lead groups across the country with our team of dedicated partners.

What Makes Our PAC Different?

We are focused on driving value now and at exit as a defined benefit of membership in our groups.

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Exit planning for business owners is the best business strategy

One of the primary reasons it fails is owner readiness

Properly executed, exit planning allows for increased cash flow and quality of life today and incredible contingency planning and higher sale multiples in the future. Remember, you don’t always get to pick your exit date.

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