Exit Planning for a Better Business Now…

And Better Options When You Sell

You don’t always get to pick the day you need to exit your business. Our founder Mike Garrison experienced that reality personally 20 years ago when his son Robert was born extremely premature at 24 weeks weighing 1lb 7oz. Over the next five months of hospital care and the subsequent diagnoses of disabilities Mike was forced to sell multiple businesses that he had founded and operated.

This experience and the realities of lifetime care for a child with severe and ongoing disabilities is what inspires Mike’s passion for the exit planning process.

As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and as a member of the faculty for the Exit Planning Institute’s Academy, Mike uses his experience as a multiple franchise owner, founder of an international training franchising company and multiple other business ventures to help business owners prepare for the unexpected and thrive now and in the future.

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What we do

We have a three step process – Discover, Protect & Grow


This is a process of assessing both the readiness of the business AND the owner to exit with the best options. We use both cutting edge software and decades of experience as business owners and consultants/coaches in the business world. We are going to guide you through a process of valuing the business, assessing your personal financial readiness and goals and a comprehensive look into what you do well and what needs to be improved to create profit now and improved value at sale.


Once you know where you ARE, it is time to begin to plan the path to where you want to be. The first step, often overlooked, is to make sure that you are in position to have the best options if you are forced to sell earlier than planned. We are going to partner with you and your current leadership and advisor teams to make sure that we know all the areas of risk in your business and address them with solutions that work for you.


The fun part! Once we have your business safely on the path to a desired exit result it is time to enjoy the journey by growing according to your plan. Often, we are hired to help scale out different parts of your business processes along with specialists to drive growth and profit right now with the knowledge that it will increase value at the end. These are 90 day ‘sprints’ that are focused on achievable results that directly tie into your plan to increase your businesses value and profits.

Exit Planning Consulting

  • The foundation of our system is the Value Acceleration Methodology learned from earning the CEPA designation from the Exit Planning Institute.
  • We use ValuCompass to help clients easily find a valuation and discover the potential opportunities to reduce risk and drive increased profit now and value at sale.
  • Fees are based upon the enterprise value of your business and the complexity of your own individual situation.
  • We collaborate with expert professionals around the country to provide services if you have a gap in your network.

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Exit planning is not selling your business.

Instead, it is the process of running it better now and having the best options when you need to make a transition. Remember, you don’t always get to pick your exit.